Open Shutter Gallery – Community Art Show

Just wanted to let everyone know that The Open Shutter Gallery downtown Durango is currently hosting a community art show. The show features about fifty local photographers and there are some very inspiring images. I have two of my own images in the show and am very excited about sharing them with everyone.

The two images that I chose to show are both 16×24’s and are printed on aluminum as Metal Prints. I have to be honest, these are my first Metal Prints, and when I first received them I thought that they might be a little soft, but after seeing them in the gallery with the proper viewing distance they really do look stunning. In fact I think that this is my preferred medium for printing my images now. The luminance of the shots is unmatched and I have to say that there is no other print medium that truly matches and expresses my original vision and intention when I was shooting these images.

So if you happen to find yourself strolling through downtown Durango come on in and check out the great variety of inspiring images that are lining the walls of The Open Shutter Gallery.

The show is scheduled to run from Feb. 10-23rd, 2012.


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