Wahweap Hoodoos Access ???

I’m hoping to visit the Wahweap Hoodoos near Page, Arizona here in a couple weeks and I’m just curious if the more northerly (and shorter) access route, BLM431, is still usable? I have read conflicting reports that the BLM may have closed access to this road. I am not talking about driving down into the creek, just up to the 4WD Parking Area.

Let me know if anyone has been there recently and knows whether or not you can still drive to the 4WD Parking Lot.




One thought on “Wahweap Hoodoos Access ???

  1. For those that are interested. It seems that after some discussion on various online forums the general consensus from those that live in the area is that the BLM officially closed BLM Road 431 about five miles before the 4WD Parking Lot. So it looks like the best access to the Wahweap Hoodoos is now the TH that starts near the town of Bigwater.

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