San Juan Range Wildflowers

Just a quick report from the San Juans. Yesterday my wife, daughter, and myself hiked up to Hope Lake southwest of Telluride. A couple of weeks ago I was up at Blue Lakes Basin not too far from there and there were no wildflowers to be found. This trip seemed a little different, the wildflowers were definitely out! I wouldn’t say there were “going-off” just yet, but they were definitely making a pretty strong show.

The trailhead we started hiking from was at an elevation of 10,740 feet and from there to about halfway to the lake at about 11,900 feet there was a plethora of wildflowers, including freshly opened Columbines. From about the halfway point to the lake the wildflowers were a little more sparse however there were still multiple colors showing.

We were on a family trip and I opted not to take my camera and instead enjoy the time with my family without distraction, so unfortunately I don’t have any images from this hike. None the less it was another great day in the mountains spent with my family and I have no regrets about my decision to go sans camera this time around. I may not have brought my camera gear but we did have a point and shoot so I have decided to throw in a couple shots we took along the trail.

My daughter and I posing in an alpine field on the way to Hope Lake.

A beautiful day in the mountains with my family.

Miriam and my daughter picnicing in front of Hope Lake, high in the San Juan Range.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back out soon and grab some images of the alpine flowers! Good luck getting out there and good light to everyone!


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