Dallas Divide Fall Colors

A few weeks ago I made a trip to Dallas Divide outside of Ridgway, Colorado, a pretty famous area for viewing Fall Colors. I ended up spending a lot of time exploring the area and driving some roads that I have been meaning to get to for the past couple of years. I happened to hit the timing pretty well and the golden yellow of Autumn was blanketing the fields and forests all around. I didn’t end up with any dramatic skies like I was hoping for but none the less I ended up getting a few decent images. The one below was taken from the ever-so-popular Dallas Divide Overlook along Highway 62 west of Ridgway.

Autumn Range

One other stop I made while I was in the area was to the ghost town of Alta just down the road and up from Telluride. Alta’s claim to fame, other than being close to the Gold King Mine and having a population of roughly 200 people in it’s heyday from 1877-1946, was to also be the site of the first industrial use of alternating current electricity. The setting of the town is breathtaking, surrounded by beautiful peaks. Here is an image looking out the window of one of the abandoned buildings onto Wilson Peak.

Wilson Window


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