Goosenecks, Ruins, and Badlands – Goosenecks State Park, Cedar Mesa, and The Bisti Badlands

A couple of weeks ago I set out on my way to Utah not sure exactly where I would end up. My original plan was completely different but with storm clouds in the distance and rain predicted I decided it was a good idea to play it safe on the desert roads and I headed to the Cedar Mesa area for a couple of days. The trip was good and I was able to explore a couple of places that I have always wanted to check out.

I ended up camping at Goosenecks State Park, just below Cedar Mesa. Other than the parking lot style campground I really can’t complain. The views were great and my photo spot for the shoot was about ten steps away from my campsite.


After a beautiful sunrise I headed to Moon House Ruin in McCloyd Canyon. The road in wasn’t too bad, and with one eye watching the storm clouds around me and the other on the trail I made my way down to the ruin. It was worth the effort to get there, being a well-preserved ruin with some pretty unique characteristics. The main one being the painted wall on the inside hallway of the ruin.

Moon House

After Moon House I headed back down from Cedar Mesa and took a detour along Valley of the Gods Road, something I have always been meaning to do. I was pretty impressed by the road and there seemed to be some really nice campsites. I will definitely be going back to shoot that area sometime soon.


After that I decided to head for the Bisti Badlands, hoping that the storm clouds would offer some nice shots of the badlands bathed in storm light. Unfortunately the storm light didn’t last too long but I still spent the evening and the next morning exploring a bit. The Bisti never seems to disappoint, there is always something to explore and something to shoot.


Overall another beautiful trip in a beautiful place!

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